So you have decided that you want to race 1/10th scale off road buggies but where do you start ? and what electrics do you choose ?  Well this guide will provide you with some pointers and tips as to where to start and hopefully in turn this will prevent you spending your hard earned cash on the wrong equipment.


There are many different types of electric off road buggies currently available on the market.  Buggies ranging from the basic 2WD Ready To Run Models (RTR) from the likes of Annsman Racing to the full competition spec 4WD kits from Team Associated and Team Durango that come  in kit form and require building and installing your own electrics and batteries.  The key here is to buy what you can afford and a model to suit your skill level.  If you are starting out and have never raced before, I would recommend a 4WD buggy.  Generally these buggies are easier to drive giving better grip on sports hall flooring and will allow you to develop your driving skills quicker.  I would only recommend 2WD models to those who have raced for a while and who have some experience with control and setup.  I have listed below some of the most poplar 2WD and 4WD models currently available.
2WD Currently Available                Soon to be released

Team Associated B4                        Durango DEX210
Team Losi XXX-CR                           Schumacher Cougar SV
Annsman Mad Rat
X-Factory X6 (B4 Conversion)
Kyosho RB5

There are various different types of batteries suitable for use in 10th scale buggies.  At the moment, the most popular choice is LIPO.  Depending on the chassis you have chosen there are two different form factors. (Stick Pack and Saddle Pack - see below).  Stick Pack cells are most popular and resemble the older NIMH stick pack batteries found in most RTR packages.  For club racing, look for LIPO batteries with a minimum capacity of 3200Mah at 7.4v.  3200Mah packs will allow runtime enough for two races before having to recharge.   You can buy larger packs with capacities close to 6000mah, but the higher capacity packs are not necessary for starting out.

The older NI-MH batteries require more maintenance like discharging and equalising to get the best performance and don’t last as long as their LIPO counterparts.  Again for starting out, I would look for LIPO batteries for R/C cars (7.4v - 2s) from popular companies such as Intellect, Trakpower, Orion, Reedy, Demon, LRP etc.
4WD Currently Available

Team Associated B44                                 
Team Losi XX-4 & XXX-4                             
Annsman 4WD
X-Factory X5 (XX-4 Conversion)
Kyosho ZX5
Durango DEX410
Schumacher CAT SX
Hotbodies D4
Yokomo BMAX

4WD Durango DEX410

Team Associated B4


Most R/C model chargers do allow you to charge both NI-MH and LIPO battery packs, but please check before choosing a particular model.  Look for a charger that is able to charge up to 6amps.  Most LIPO packs on the market require charging at  1C rating.  i.e.  a Trakpower 3200 LIPO pack should be charged at 3.2amps and an Intellect 4200 LIPO battery should be charged at 4.2amps.  DO NOT CHARGE LIPO BATTERIES AT MORE THAN 1C, please always follow the manufacturers charging guidelines.

It is worth pointing out that SOME clubs, require LIPO batteries to be charged in a specially designed LIPO FIREPROOF SACK.  Theses are available online and from your local hobby shop costing no more than £9.99.

Popular battery chargers to look for are, Orion Advantage, LRP Pulsar, Muchmore Silent Charger, Bantam BC6, Protrak, IMAX etc.

Lipo Stick Pack

Lipo Saddle Pack


The Motor and Speed Controller you choose for you buggy is probably one of the most important factors to consider.  Again skill level and track size can play and big part in which motor is best.  Similar to batteries, brushless motors and speedo combos are best for new racers and offer the best value for money.  Nowadays very few people still use brushed motors due to their increased maintenance and poor performance.

Brushless motors vary in spec/speed.  Below I have listed the difference between each motor classes.  The motor you choose will depend greatly on the club(s) that you decide to race at.

NIMH Saddle Pack

NI-MH Stick Pack

Orion Advantage



Tyres from Schumacher Racing are the best choice for 10th scale buggies whether racing indoors or outside.   The two most popular tyres are Mini Pins and Mini Spikes, both in yellow compound with medium foam inserts.  Unlike touring cars, bare in mind that buggy front wheels/tyres are narrower (thinner) than the rear wheels/tyres.  When choosing tyres, ensure that you buy the correct fronts and rears.  Below I have listed the most popular choices.

All the above tyres are suitable for 4WD and (2WD Rear Only).  Schumacher also offer specific front tyres for 2WD in Mini Pin and Mini Spike treads.   Check for further information.


So you have your Buggy ready for racing and you have found a local club or race series.  What can you expect from your first visit to the race track ?  Well first of all relax and remember why you are there, racing is FUN and everyone has to begin somewhere, so don’t worry about messing up - there will always be plenty of help on hand to assist you further.

13.5 Stock (Similar to the old 27turn Brushed Stock Motors)  best used for beginners (the slowest motor in its class however NOT EXACTLY SLOW.

10.5 Super Stock SPEC (Similar to 19turn Super Stock Motors)  Quicker than 13.5 and suitable to medium sized tracks for beginners.

Modified Motors.

These motors are available in speeds ranging from 9.5 down to 4.5 and 3.5)  For off road 4WD buggies motors ranging from 8.5 to 5.5 are best suited.  5.5 being the faster in the range.  High grip large tracks, on carpet and grass, then a 6.5 or 5.5 motor is best.  However if you are racing indoors on a smaller track on low grip sports hall flooring with only small sections of carpet, I would recommend either an 8.5 or 7.5 motor.

If you have a 2WD model and have racing experience, I would choose a motor ranging from 8.5 to 6.5, however if you are new to racing and want to learn how to drive 2WD, then a 10.5 Super Stock Spec brushless motor would be more suitable.

Brushless Motors and Speed Controllers can be purchased together in a combo deal or individually if you have specific requirements and have more experience.  Currently the best combo deals on the market are from LOSI, Novak, LRP and Speed Passion.  The Xcelorin from LOSI can be purchased in a combo deal for £130 and comes in various specs, the 6.5 spec being the most popular for 4WD buggies.

“Remember the lower the motor number, the faster the motor”.

Losi Xcelorin Brushless Combo

LRP X12 Brushless Motor

Novak Brushless Motor

Speed Passion Speed Control

LRP SXX Speed Control

Schumacher Mini Pins

Front Tyres U6607

Rear Tyres U6608

Schumacher Mini Spikes

Front Tyres U6557

Rear Tyres U6558

Your local race club will have an AMB Timing System with transponders.  A transponder is a small RED box that clips onto the inside of your buggy and will time your laps as you pass over the LOOP (A wire connected to the computerised timing system).  This transponder will send timing information to the computer and give details of your lap times and score your performance against other racers.  Most clubs nowadays have hand-out transponders that you can hire for a club/race day for a small charge.  

You can purchase your very own Personal Transponder (PT) direct from BBK Software in the UK, for further information check out However a PT isn’t essential to begin with.  

And remember ...... GO RACING! and HAVE FUN.http://www.bbksoftware.comshapeimage_19_link_0